Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Enterprise Connect San Francisco

1. You face a fast-changing market: New options have emerged for migrating to IP Telephony, Converged Networks and Unified Communications. There are new products, new services and new players. VoiceCon San Francisco creates a unique opportunity for you to hear informed debate and thorough analysis of the trade-offs associated with each approach.

2. Your time is respected: The VoiceCon San Francisco program is focused on one objective: Helping you maximize your investment in enterprise communications technologies, services and applications. Every conference session, every workshop and the Exhibition is designed to provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decisions for your network, your company and your career.

3. You'll meet the thought leaders and market movers: Every conference claims to present the "industry leaders," but no other event delivers on that promise like VoiceCon San Francisco.

4. VoiceCon presents the major players: VoiceCon is the ONLY place where the major enterprise system vendors and their products are available in one location. You get direct access to the designers and developers of hardware and software communications platforms and converged network systems and applications.

5. You'll hear from executives who've "walked the walk": VoiceCon San Francisco features senior IT/telecom executives from a wide range of enterprises who describe their migration strategies, their decision criteria and the lessons they learned from installing state-of-the-art, converged communications systems, services and applications.

6. Cut through the hype: VoiceCon doesn't advocate one solution over another. Instead, VoiceCon presents the facts -- how products have worked in real-life deployments and the realistic prospects for technology evolution.

7. VoiceCon Tutorials: You'll receive objective, reliable information that you can use to plan your network evolution. Topics include Comparing Microsoft OCS and IBM Lotus SameTime, SIP Fundamentals and Prospects, Comparing Choices for Unified Communications, Building Business Cases for IP Telephony and UC, Managing, Monitoring and Troubleshooting IP Telephony Networks, and IP Telephony Basics.

8. Assess the impact on your organization: The in-depth sessions at VoiceCon go beyond technical discussions, to include analysis of how the new technology changes business and organizational relationships. Learn how enterprise IT organizations are bringing voice, data and applications staff together to plan, deploy and manage converged, IP Telephony networks.

9. Learn from the experts: The VoiceCon conference program has been expanded, adding more leading convergence and Unified Communications experts, analysts and technical specialists who will answer your questions about technological capabilities, system features/functions, business/economic models, and life-cycle costs. And every paid conference attendee at VoiceCon San Francisco will receive a CD-R with the complete audio of the conference along with reference books containing all the slides presented during the event.

10. The only conference focused on you: VoiceCon is the ONLY conference totally focused on the needs of key decision-makers in enterprise communications -- IP Telephony, Unified Communications and converged network systems, services and applications. It's the premier event where you can meet with your peers, and see what your competitors are up to.

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