Key Questions to Be Addressed at Enterprise Connect San Francisco

  • What’s really going on in the IP Telephony market? How much has IP Telephony captured, and what is the forecast?
  • What are the trade-offs when evaluating architecture/deployment models—IP-PBXs, software-centric architectures and managed/hosted?
  • What are the payoffs to an enterprise for migrating to IP Telephony?
  • What are the costs for IP Telephony—initial and ongoing? What do we know about total cost of ownership?
  • How will communications budgets be reshaped by reallocation between hardware, software and integration services?
  • What’s really needed—and what are the costs—to upgrade your data network for voice?
  • What QOS (quality of service) mechanisms are most effective for handling converged traffic on LANs/WANs?
  • How does IP Telephony change migration plans to next-gen Contact Centers?
  • What are the realistic prospects for Unified Communications (UC)? What role will UC play in enterprise converged networks?
  • How does IP Telephony support the trend toward greater end user mobility?
  • Are SIP and Open Source ready for prime time?
  • What are the major security threats to converged/IP Telephony networks, and what can be done to shore up security?
  • What staffing levels—and skill sets—are needed to support converged voice/data networks?
  • Which service providers have managed/hosted services in general availability, and where? What types of services are being offered?
  • What are the most common sources of trouble on IP-based voice networks?

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