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It's a new day for enterprise communications. The migration from standalone TDM voice networks to IP Telephony has reached the point where it is clear: IP Telephony is the foundation for enterprise communications - today and for the future.

And it has become part of a much larger picture; IP Telephony is being integrated with a new generation of Unified Communications technologies and applications that will transform how your enterprise does business. Exciting new architectures, technologies and services are emerging that expand your ability to support collaborative applications and interactions within your organization, and with customers, suppliers and your entire enterprise eco-system.

All of these changes have tremendous implications for your network, your enterprise and your career. That's why VoiceCon San Francisco 2009 will be so important for you.

You've been hearing about this transition for years, but the key factors for IP-based converged communications becoming a reality are finally in place:

  • IP Telephony now accounts for 70% of the new stations shipped into U.S. enterprises. Converged networks are rapidly becoming the reality in enterprise communications.
  • The migration paths to next-gen communications have expanded. The options available to enterprises include IP-PBXs, software-based architectures, managed/hosted services and Cloud-based offerings.
  • The tough economic climate makes it clear that old ways of doing business simply won't do. The incentives to migrate to Unified Communications technologies and applications have never been more obvious.
  • Communications has become a software-intensive business, and that creates new opportunities for application development and deployment.

So, now is the time to start planning and deploying the communications systems, services and applications that will drive your enterprise. The worst situation is to be forced into a technology change without fully understanding the implications.

VoiceCon is recognized as the leading event for enterprise decision-makers who need to evaluate their options for migrating to IP Telephony, Converged Networks and Unified Communications. VoiceCon San Francisco presents a unique opportunity for you to speak with the experts, hear first-hand the lessons learned by enterprises that are already making the migration, to network with your peers at the receptions and see industry-leading products at the VoiceCon San Francisco Exhibition.

VoiceCon San Francisco is focused entirely on enterprise communications -- IP Telephony, Converged Networks and Unified Communications. It is designed with one fundamental goal: To help you maximize your investment in these technologies.

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